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We do Business with Modern Technology and Old Fashioned Morals


We promise to treat you, your family, and your vehicle as if it were our own. The way we will fulfill that promise is through the following practices:

  • We will not put parts, tires or preform services that are not in the best interest of you or your vehicle.
  • We will inform you of upcoming repairs as we see them and if need be, prioritize the needs of your vehicle.
  • Most of our repairs come with a 24k miles/ 24-month (whichever comes first) parts and labor warranty.
  •  We will install only parts that meet or exceed OEM requirements and state inspection standards. 
  • We will be honest to the best of our ability. (If we cannot preform the repair to our satisfaction, we will be the first to let you know.)
  • Our prices are set so that we can provide the best warranty and service to you, while also providing the best training,  compensation, and productivity to our employees so that they can continue to service you and your family for years to come.
  • Our standard for any diagnostical appointment is we will bring car in garage and check over. Unless part of the diagnostics is a repair (we find a rubbed through wire or such) we will not repair a vehicle without at first talking with our customer, with an estimate of cost as to what repairs need to be done.
  • We will work with you, through guidance and education, to provide the best service your vehicle. 
  •  We schedule an appropriate workload each day to each technician with the intent to keep your vehicle in our possession the least amount of time possible.  We do our best not to overbook. 
  • We will stand behind our work, if there is a problem we will find a solution to all parties that is satisfactory.


At the start of October 2015, the following polices were put into effect, to best serve the needs of all our customers:

  •  To offer the best warranty, productivity, and for liability- we cannot preform work with customer supplied parts. 
  • If you have not had us preform the original inspection, we need a copy of your windshield repair invoice for a replacement sticker.
  • If you have installed AC freon with sealant into your AC system and do not tell us, and it damages our machine, you are responsible for damages to our machine- tell us so we can mitigate damage.
  • We are in the garage Monday through Friday 8am- 5pm- we do stop from noon-1pm for lunch. Without prior confirmation, we will not conduct business outside of business hours. This gives our employees the maximum time with their families.
  • If you cannot make an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. We do everything in our power to make sure our waiting appointments are on time and productive for our staff. If you no call no show, that leaves us with time in which we could have helped another customer and earned money. Failure to no call no show 3 times result in waiting appointment privileges revoked. We will still service your vehicles, but only in a drop off appointment setting.
  • Returned Check fee is 35.00.
  • Vehicles here more than 1 week after notification of work completed, without prior authorization, will result in a 35.00/ day storage charge. All fees and invoices need to be paid before removal of vehicle. After 1 month of no contact, we reserve the right to start abandoned vehicle proceedings with the township.
  • Vehicles will not be released without payment of services in full.
  •  If you have a failed inspection that you are not having us preform the repairs- you have 7 days to return to not have to pay for a reinspection, you will also have to sign our copy of invoice stating that you understand your vehicle does not pass state inspection and may be unsafe to drive.
  • No business will be conducted on Sundays.
  • All coupons/ vouchers must be presented at time of checkout for redemption.
  • While we do work with them, please understand we do not endorse them. We will work with aftermarket warranty companies, with the understanding that they never cover everything. Anything they do not cover, you will have to pay. You are our customer, so we will still keep in contact with you, even while dealing with them. There will also be delays, while we get approval from them.

We reserve the right to change policies and promises in best interest of our customers, employees and business

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